My son told me about this program from a friend of his. I was felling so sick in my stomach every time I ate everything. So I decided this was it and I called Supreme Living and made an appointment and I am more pleased now after 3-days of the detox treatment. The steam bath, the massage, and the colonic- all so professionally carried out. I will recommend Supreme Living to any and everyone.” Ms. E.T. age 66

“Before my treatment, my glucose was at an all time high. My energy was at an all time low. I decided to become more proactive about my diabetes and took my first colonic Jan 1st 2002. After which with the consultations, I changed my diet and shortly thereafter my insulin dosages decreased to the point of going days without insulin. This program works extremely well for me!!” Mr. A. S. age 46

“Wonderful!! Just what I needed now as a reality check for my own personal health issues. The real pictures of my colon actually woke me up from my long sleep and ignorance of eating unhealthy (and unconsciously).  I only pray that I stay focused on my diet and what I eat.  However, with the knowledge I now have from Supreme Living,  I’ll do fine. ” Ms. B. B. age 52

“I took the 5 day detox program and I lost more than ten pounds. They have great hygienist. Very patient, informative and knowledgeable of your individual needs. Supreme Living is also very clean with the products, utensils and machines that they use. I would recommend this to everyone.” Ms. E.G. age 38

“I lost some weight, I feel good. I sleep better. I really enjoy this treatment also I eat a lot more food.” Mr. V.S. age 62

 “What can I say!!? This detox program is the best program that I could have done!!! Mind, body are in tune.” Ms. E.E. age 60

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I just finished the 3 day detox; all I say is Wow!! I was ready for change, my steps were ordered of the Lord Jesus! I released a lot of undigested fecal matter in my bowels with pictures to show myself that I needed a intervention! The 3 days were busy, but worth it and each day my treat was a infrared sauna followed with a massage or foot detox like no other I have ever had ! I released at least about 13 lbs. of fluid and waste and toxins from my body since 9/24- 9/29/2014! I feel light my skin is glowing and I know with proper eating and life style change the best is yet to come! The ladies at Supreme Living Utox Center were so caring and professional, and dedicated I felt at ease with them! Highly recommend to all who are ready for change and to feel and look good inside and out ! Great Grace !!

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