Colon Health Screenings and Workshop

Greetings Supreme Living Family. We are proud to announce that we are providing a FREE Colon Health Screening, as well as our $15 Workshops To further your family and loved ones success in their health goals for 2015 and beyond. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER..So Monday, June 8th  2015 6 pm-7 pm is FREE to bring a friend or family member to get a free holistic health screening (which is a savings of $85 WOW!!). Then stay for the Workshop to learn more about the comprehensive detox process, sample products and foods. Register Now and Come to share and inspire. The workshop is $15 from 7 pm-8 pm.  We look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Much Peace, Love and Healing
Supreme Living Utox Center
For More Info Call : 678.754.5849 / location: 404.756.2680
Where your Health is Truly your Wealth


Sister Song / Mother House

1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Parking in the Rear/ Registration Required

Atlanta, GA 30310

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